that enable the next generation of Athletes from Africa

PROTOUCH™ is a FanTech business from Africa, driven by a vision to ignite fan engagement and activate new revenues in the sports, entertainment and tourism sectors.

PROTOUCH is a strategic advisory and digital solutions FanTech business, founded in 2016 with offices in South Africa, Rwanda and the UAE. It provides strategic consulting around fan engagement, Web3 and Tokenization as well as implementation, project management and creative execution services to brands in the sports, tourism and entertainment industries.

PROTOUCH is the African distributor of the Swiss-based BLOCKSPORT Web3-enabled Fan Engagement Platform, built on the Blockchain and providing sports, entertainment and tourism properties branded mobile fan apps with aggregated newsfeeds and social media, a live event/ match centre, digital membership cards and ticketing, digital collectibles and play-to-earn games and e-commerce for merchandise. Fans are rewarded for interactivity and engagement and now have a new way to engage with and unlock value from all their favourite teams, athletes and artists.

Our partnership with France-based POAP – the de facto standard in providing digital collectibles to prove attendance or participation in events and activities – provides a simple and intuitive way for fans to collect badges, starting with just an email address. These badges can also be provided as digital certificates in the blockchain, offering full digital ownership and a lasting record of individual experiences for millions of users worldwide.

PROTOUCH is also the distributor in Africa for the German-based TICKAROO live blogging and video platform, that enables the creation of immersive live content stories, fan engagement and interactivity with monetization opportunities similar to the way that social media channels activate advertising within their newsfeeds.

Our clients include top football, rugby, basketball and hockey clubs, teams and federations in Africa and we have a deep commitment to enabling the next generation of Africa’s sporting talent. This has also spirited the development of our proprietary platform, THE PODIUM PURSUIT COLLECTIVE.

Our inspiration

Our story began in 2016, with the development of a self-funded Continental Road Cycling Team from Africa which was the top-ranked Continental Road Cycling Team in Africa from 2019 – 2022. With twenty-six road cyclists from six African nations [including five national champions and two African continental champions] PROTOUCH began to truly understand that the toughest challenge our athletes face is that of funding and opportunity to compete on the World stage.

Instead of registering a team in 2023 and impacting only a small number of athletes in one sports code, it set about building a platform – inspired to activate a purpose-led community, drive interactivity and unleash alternative revenues far beyond traditional sponsorship – to sustainably support African Athletes to perform internationally.  Our transparent and sustainable Podium Pursuit Athlete Impact Fund exists to reshape the sports investment landscape and revolutionize athlete funding, across thirty-six sporting codes in Africa forever!