Looking ahead: Netball World Cup, FIFA World Cup excitement, and more

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In the upcoming week, sports enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Netball World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, Rugby Championship, and Tour de France Femmes showcase thrilling athleticism and sportsmanship. Get ready for a feast of sporting excellence and unforgettable encounters!


Netball World Cup


The Netball World Cup kicks off, with players and fans from around the world coming The Netball World Cup has kicked off, uniting players and fans from across the globe to celebrate athleticism and sportsmanship. As the world watches, Africa’s representatives are gearing up for their quest for glory in the tournament.


Host Nation South Africa begin their campaign as they face Wales at 6:00 PM (CAT) later today. With the home crowd behind them, South Africa will be motivated as they take on Sri Lanka at 4:00 PM (CAT) tomorrow. The hosts will wrap up their group stage matches on Sunday at 6:00 PM (CAT) with a showdown against the formidable Jamaican side, making for an electrifying match-up.


Zimbabwe had a tough start to their tournament earlier today as they lost 86-30 to top-ranked Australia. Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM (CAT), Zimbabwe will continue their efforts, facing off against Fiji in another highly anticipated encounter. Whilst on the 30th of July at 6:00 AM (CAT), they will face up against Tonga.


Uganda had a glittering start to their Netball World Cup with a 79-37 win over Singapore. The following day, at 9:00 AM (CAT), the side will take on New Zealand, a formidable opponent in the world of netball. To conclude their group stage battles on Sunday, Uganda will face Trinidad & Tobago at 4:00 PM (CAT), and fans eagerly await this thrilling encounter.

On their quest for the trophy, Malawi will begin their journey by taking on Scotland at 8:00 PM (CAT) today. They will then continue their pursuit of glory, facing England at 6:00 PM (CAT) tomorrow in a highly anticipated match. Rounding out their group stage action on a high note, Malawi will engage in an exciting clash against Barbados at 11:00 AM (CAT) on Sunday.


FIFA Women’s World Cup


The FIFA Women’s World Cup group stages are nearing their conclusion, with several captivating matches set to take place.


Nigeria’s Super Falcons pulled off a monumental upset by delivering a stunning performance against the co-host nation, Australia. This historical moment has etched Nigeria’s name in football history, and they now face a tough challenge against Ireland on July 31st as they look to advance to the knockout stages.

Despite their commendable efforts, Zambia will play their final group-stage match against Costa Rica on the 31st of July. While they won the hearts of many with their spirited performances, their current position makes it impossible for them to advance to the knockout stages.


Banyana Banyana managed a draw against Argentina earlier today. Their next clash is on the 2nd of August, they will face a formidable Italian side. The outcome of this match will determine the team’s future in the World Cup, and fans can expect a fiercely competitive match.


Morocco had a difficult start to their tournament losing 6-0 to Germany but look at to the 30th of July where they face South Korea. A win in this match could be the key to advancing to the knockout stages. Their final group stage match on the 3rd of August against Colombia promises to be a challenging contest for both teams.


Rugby Championship


On July 29th, an exhilarating rugby match awaits as the Springboks go head-to-head with Argentina at the iconic Ellis Park Stadium in South Africa. The Springboks have made significant changes to the side that faced New Zealand, with nine new players joining the line-up and Duane Vermeulen taking charge as captain.

Tour de France Femmes


In the fiercely competitive Tour de France Femmes, Ashleigh Moolman Pasio has been making waves with her remarkable displays on the cycling stage, currently sitting seventh after stage four. As the event enters its sixth stage, her exceptional performances have propelled her to an impressive seventh position in the individual rankings. (will need to change her ranking and stage on Friday morning).


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