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An invitation to champion your journey!

Your unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion for your sport has inspired countless individuals across the globe. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your craft, and now, it’s time to amplify your journey. 

As a top performing athlete from Africa, we are inviting you to join with EARLY ACCESS the World’s first Fan Engagement and Impact Fund Platform for African Athletes. A space created exclusively for athletes like you, poised to redefine how you engage and garner support from the fans of the world.

Your gateway to recognition and reward

We recognize the incredible talent and determination inherent in athletes from Africa. For the past 12 months, we have been recognising participation and featuring the notable achievements of over 4 000 athletes from fifty-four nations and, across thirty-six sports codes on our social media channels. 

We are excited to now present our Fan App, the official Digital Clubhouse for the Collective – providing a platform to unlock value for fans, brands and investors globally. We aggregate news and social media, a match centre with upcoming events across multiple sports codes, results and statistics, an e-commerce fan shop with exclusive and replica merchandise from Africa’s best teams and, partner deals for you and your fans. 

Direct fan engagement and support

The Fan App isn’t just about content consumption; it’s a conduit for direct engagement between athletes and fans. From crowdfunding initiatives to personalized interactions, it’s an arena where your supporters become active participants in your success story. Together, we can foster a community that fuels your aspirations and helps you to step onto the podiums of the World’s biggest sporting events.

Your success is our mission

We understand the challenges you face in securing funding and opportunities. By joining our Collective, you’re not just gaining a platform to help you fund your dreams; you’re becoming part of a movement dedicated to amplifying your journey. 

Our Athlete Impact Fund, an independent platform built on the Blockchain, aims to transform this landscape. Fans will soon have the chance to invest in your success through the purchase of our Fan Pass Tokens and Investor Profit-share Tokens, facilitated through our Fan App. 

Activate your Digital Athlete ID

A key feature of our platform are the Digital Athlete Profiles that we have curated providing athletes from Africa, a new way to connect with their fans as well as build and monetize their brands. A single, centralised place that you can use to highlight everything about yourself in one place – your social channels, your merchandise, your accolades, your marketplace, photos and videos and much more.

Your journey is more than statistics and achievements. The Podium Pursuit Digital Athlete ID is your canvas – a space to narrate your dreams, endorse brands, engage with your followers, and champion causes close to your heart. By strategically building your personal brand, you can attract further endorsement deals, sponsorship opportunities, and collaborations with companies in various industries. It’s your digital legacy, empowering you to monetize your image like never before.

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PROTOUCH AFRICA is a purpose-led and Sports Tech business founded in 2016 with a focus on enabling African Athletes to perform on the World Stage. 

It is pioneering new ways for fans to interact and engage with their favourite teams, leagues, and athletes and enable alternative revenue streams.

ProTouch Africa’s Podium Pursuit Project is focused on creating a transparent and sustainable funding mechanism for the next generation of African Athletes. Its vision is to launch the World’s first fan-owned impact investment platform for African Athletes in Q1 of 2024 by assembling an ecosystem of top-performing athletes, their fans, and the brands that support them.