Photo Credit: Strava Stories

Get ready for an exhilarating week filled with a plethora of sporting events that will leave sports enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. From the speed and agility of track and field to the endurance challenges of cycling and marathons, this week promises a thrilling spectacle for fans around the globe.

April 15th: Boston Marathon

The week kicks off with the iconic Boston Marathon, where athletes from diverse backgrounds gather to conquer the legendary course and etch their names in running history.

April 18th – 21st: ASA Senior Track and Field Championships

Next up, the ASA Senior Track and Field Championships take centre stage, showcasing the raw power and skill of South African athletes as they compete in a series of exhilarating events.

April 19th: Basketball Africa League, Nile Conference

Simultaneously, basketball enthusiasts can witness the intense battles in the Basketball Africa League’s Nile Conference, featuring teams like Ala Ahly Ly Sporting Club, Bangui Sporting Club, Al Ahly Sporting Club, and City Oilers vying for supremacy on the court.

April 19th – 26th: Cycling MTB: Lifetime Grand Prix – Sea Otter Classic

The cycling world unites at the MTB Lifetime Grand Prix – Sea Otter Classic, offering over 300 races across various disciplines and catering to both professional riders and passionate amateurs.

April 20th: Diamond League Xiamen

Athletics takes the spotlight again with the Diamond League event in Xiamen, China, where top-tier track and field athletes showcase their talents in a high-stakes competition.

April 20th: 2024 Africa Para Triathlon Championships

Simultaneously, para-athletes gear up for the 2024 Africa Para Triathlon Championships, pushing their limits in a gruelling test of swimming, cycling, and running skills.

April 21st: London Marathon

The marathon fever continues with the prestigious London Marathon, drawing elite runners and enthusiasts alike to tackle the challenging course and chase personal triumphs.

April 11th – 21st: 2024 Afcon Futsal

Throughout the week, the 2024 Afcon Futsal tournament unfolds, featuring thrilling matches between teams such as Angola, Ghana, Zambia, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritania, Libya, and Namibia, culminating in a fiercely contested final on the 21st of April.

β€’ Angola vs. Ghana, 15 April, 20:00 GMT
β€’ Zambia vs. Morocco, 15 April, 20:00 GMT
β€’ Egypt vs. Mauritania, 16 April, 20:00 GMT
β€’ Libya vs. Namibia, 16 April, 20:00 GMT

The semi-finals are scheduled as follows:
β€’ First semi-final: 19th of April at 17:00 GMT
β€’ Second semi-final: 19th of April at 20:00 GMT

The 3rd place clash will occur on the 21st of April at 17:00 GMT

The final will feature the two best teams competing for African glory on the 21st of April at 20:00 GMT.

With such a diverse line-up of sporting events, this week is set to be an unforgettable celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and global sporting excellence. Don’t miss out on the action-packed spectacle that awaits!


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