A digital club house connecting fans and sports brands, live blog and video software, to interact and unlock more value!

PROTOUCH understands the need for Sports Brands, Federations and Clubs to engage with their fans and activate new revenues to further develop their athletes and teams.

We provide a white-labelled Mobile Fan Engagement Application that will be available to download in both the Android and iOS in addition to a variety of additional feature modules built on a mobile responsive website with specific functionality that can be accessed within the Fan App, as well as via a new super-sized website.

Our LIVE BLOG and video platform, that enables the creation of immersive live content stories, fan engagement and interactivity with monetization opportunities similar to the way that social media channels activate advertising within their newsfeeds. 


Some illustrative screens have been provided and it is understood that the scope of the project cost will include signed off screen layouts, functionality and designs prior to the full development build.

A full demo of the platform can be done to using other delivered projects in Africa and globally. The following detail provides information related to the features available in our solution:


A Digital Club House for Fans including a Content Management System that can be used to manage its Teams, Players, Leagues and Tournaments and Fans locally, regional, national and globally.

Together with our partners Swiss-based Blocksport AG we develop customized platforms for fans with a Content Management System for managing teams, players, leagues, and tournaments. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app will engage fans and provide information and gamification features.

User Registration

Fans download the Fan App from either the Android or iOS App stores. Registration can be done via: Email, Facebook, Google, Email, Twitter, Apple. This data (together with analytics and insights) is available via our content management system and can be extracted in CSV files to be imported or integrated into a CRM or member management system.

A master database can be provided by PROTOUCH to allow for a single view of the registered database and insights.

An Aggregated Social Media Wall & Newsfeed

A dynamic LIVE NEWSFEED that brings fans up-to-date news and social media feeds, into one easy-to-access social wall.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok feeds as well as news directly from website can automatically integrated into the Fan App, making the content discoverable for fans.

This feature allows the sports brand to monetize their social media.

Fan and Athlete-generated Content

Fans [and players] can upload their photos, videos and USER-GENERATED CONTENT from the games, at training sessions and events.

Sports brands can moderate this and feature top content for other fans to enjoy globally.

A Match Centre & Calendar

The MATCH CENTRE is a platform that offers fans quick access to upcoming and past match fixtures, league standings, and full-time scores for local, regional, and international competitions and tournaments.

It allows fans to search by game, access video highlights, predict scores, and add comments and messages of support. Additional features include scheduling fixtures and results, calendar sharing, embedded Google Maps, league tables, match reports, team comparisons, post-match discussions, and embedding the Facebook page widget.

The platform also allows fans to share calendars with players, staff, friends, and family, embed Google Maps, and display head-to-head comparison charts. The platform also encourages discussions between fans and teammates, embeds a Facebook widget, and displays Twitter usernames for teams and players.

Polls & Voting

Fans  are invited participate in POLLS and VOTING – using our secure and transparent voting system powered by Blockchain technology, ensuring that every vote is authentic and cannot be manipulated.

The Fan-level system governs voting eligibility and provides fans equal opportunity to share their opinions and have their voices heard. Fans also earn points for actively participating in Fan Votes and correctly predicting the scores.

Fan Missions & Gamification

Fans can join in the fun and compete with other fans globally by undertaking various FAN MISSIONS. Missions can include various levels of interactivity including collection of more personalised information, incentivising various activities within the Fan App including liking, sharing and commenting on content, inviting friends to download the Fan App, rating the Fan App in the APP Store, visiting the Fan App on a regular basis, purchasing digital collectibles and NFT’s, merchandise.

As each mission is completed, fans earn points and badges that are featured on their fan profile. The more points accumulated, the higher the fan ranking on the official Fan Leader board and can compete for the Fan Awards at the end of the season.


FAN CHAT allows fans to connect with the community, create fan groups, and enhance communication. It enhances understanding of fans’ needs and allows sending messages to registered users, including video, audio, and images.

Push Notifications & Pop Up Messages

Our platform schedules and sends push notifications to Fan App users, featuring pop-up messages to promote sponsors, partners, and revenue-generating activities, including featured offers and deals.


The Fan App’s MENU provides a range of features for fans, including embedded URL pages for athletes, nations, sports, results, partners, and more. It also offers a premium subscription service, including access to exclusive items.

Teams and Players

Our platform provides the ability to feature Athlete Profiles for National, Regional and Local team players. These profiles can include the players social media channels for fans to interact directly with their favourite players.

The Fan App CMS system is used to load all the various teams and players, which may be accessed on the front end of the Fan App by a fan.

Additional module features using our web-based templates can be embedded into the Fan App and made available on the website:

  • Add all the teams in your league and automatically create a profile page for each team.
  • Add players in your league and assign them to specific teams.
  • Quickly import teams, players, staff, events, and sponsors from Excel or other spreadsheet using the built-in CSV import tools.
  • Automatically create player profile pages for each player, where you can visit to view their player performance stats from each season.
  • Visit each team’s profile page to see their upcoming matches and the latest news. Team profile pages can display rosters, team stats, news, and event calendars.


The STREAMING feature can include access to past matches and highlights streamed directly to the Fan App for fans to enjoy, share and comment on too. Exclusive content can be accessed by Premium Subscribers.

Media Gallery

You can load Audio, Video and Photo media into the Fan App GALLERY for fans to view and download. Exclusive content can be accessed by Premium Subscribers.

Results, Hall of Fame & Moments of Glory

All the latest results from events locally and globally featured in the MATCH CENTRE as well as on the Results Tab in the MENU to provide even more detail.

Digital Marketplace

In the MARKETPLACE fans can find a range of official replica supporter merchandise, exclusive Merchandise and supporter products and partner deals.

Fans can start collecting their Digital Collectibles – Player Cards, Virtual Team Jerseys and memorable Moments of Glory Cards. Not only do these add to the fans collection, but they also help to earn valuable rewards that contribute to the fans ranking.Our platform provides the ability to also mint and sell NFT’s and use these to create a more engaged fan base.

Sponsors & Partners

 Various banner and advertising carousels exist within the Fan App to use to further promote its sponsors and partners. These include banner advertising that can be hyperlinked to a web page, video streaming on the landing page and Presented by areas for the rights holder to monetize.

 Additional module features can be added suing our web templates integrated into the front end of the FAN APP:

  • Track the number of impressions and website clicks your sponsors are getting through your site.
  • Sponsors can be registered just like teams and players by simply uploading a logo and entering their website URL.
  • Display sponsors in the header, footer, and widget areas. Select which sponsors to show, or randomize for each visitor.
  • Give your sponsors additional insight by tracking the visibility and user engagement of their sponsorships.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System is used to load and publish News, add Events and link to a 3rd party ticketing platform (or use our integrated ticketing solution), upload matches and tournaments or live feed these through an integrated solution such as Sports Radar, set up fan Voting and Polls, create Fan Missions and Achievement as well as provide fans the ability to convert their rewards into premium memberships or other benefits.