Unlocking the potential of African Athletes

Podium Pursuit is the World’s first Fan-Owned Impact Investment and Fan Engagement Platform for Athletes from Africa, built on the Blockchain and leveraging tokenization.

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THE PODIUM PURSUIT COLLECTIVE, is reshaping the investment landscape of African sports by empowering athletes with a platform to connect them with fans and brands globally, while unlocking value for investors too!
Unlock the full potential of athletes from Africa and build the World’s first fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund for African athletes.
To enable the next generatin of athletes from Africa.
The Podium Pursuit Collective is deeply inspired to activate a purpose-led community, drive interactivity and unleash alternative revenues far beyond traditional sponsorship, to support African Athletes to perform on the World stage while championing a more positive future for humanity.
Despite immense talent on the continent, the medal count at the last five Olympic Games has declined. African athletes are being hindered from achieving podiums at global sporting events due to funding. With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon, the timing could not be better to leverage our platform and make a significant difference in the lead up to LA2028.
Assembling an ecosystem that brings together more than 4,000 African athletes from 54 African nations and 36 sporting codes, their 30-million fans globally, brands and the causes that are important to them.
Driving a movement involving fans and brands as custodians and investors of African athletes performance and revolutionizing athlete support, by creating a transparent Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund which leverages tokenization and the Blockchain.
Designed to ignite fans and drive revenue through our Web3 Fan Engagement Platform, a Broadcast Rights Property and the World’s first Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund, built for transparency on the Blockchain.
A treasure trove of talent

At the heart of The Podium Pursuit ecosystem lies an aggregated athlete community, home to more than 4,000 high-performing athletes hailing from fifty-four African nations, across thirty-six different sport codes.

What sets this community apart is our “LinkedIn-like” Digital Athlete Profiles. We will soon be showcasing Africa’s top performing athletes and providing them a powerful platform to build their brands, promote the brands that support them and showcase their achievements.

These profiles go beyond traditional statistics, offering fans and brands a deeper understanding of the athletes’ stories, ambitions, and achievements. It’s a platform where athletes can digitally share their journey, their dreams, and connect with a global fanbase that is hungry for inspiring stories.

Nurturing success off the field

ProTouch Africa understands that achieving podium success is not just about physical prowess; it’s also about building a personal brand, managing finances, and accessing the right resources. This is why we have curated a range of comprehensive athlete services.

Athletes within the Podium Pursuit Collective benefit from brand-building support, helping them shape their identities beyond their respective sports. Financial services ensure that athletes have the tools they need to secure their futures. Access to scholarships in the United States and benefit from discounted resources further enhancing their podium pursuits, ensuring they have every advantage in their journey to success.


Uniting athletes with sports enthusiasts

The Podium Pursuit Collective, a global community of over 30 million social media followers, aims to ignite this fanbase and activate their role as custodians in the success of African athletes, a community transcending borders and cultures united by sports love and potential.


A Win-Win for all

Our ecosystem is fostering meaningful brand collaborations between athletes and prominent brands, enhancing mutual benefits. Brand Partners access exceptional talent, while athletes receive support and recognition, driving growth and recognition of African athletes globally.


Our Web3 Fan Engagement Platform (Fan App) aggregates news and social media, a match centre with upcoming events, results and statistics, an e-commerce fan shop with exclusive Podium Pursuit merchandise and partner deals.

Fans can also make donations directly to Athletes and/ or Teams using our interface. Fans are rewarded and ranked for interactivity and these Rewards can be converted into Digital Collectibles, Fan Tokens and fan experiences.


Sports’ power to heal, inspire and unite people against all odds.

Featuring the African athletes already on the World stage, those that have been there and those that are still in pursuit of podiums.

Produced in collaboration with a global production studio, will provide revenues directly into the Athlete Impact Fund from rights secured. Multiple episodes across sporting codes are planned and will be streamed on our Fan Engagement Platform for premium subscribers, incorporating the social and environmental causes that these athletes are passionate about.


Leveraging tokenization and the Blockchain, our World’s first Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund provides an unlimited number of Fan Tokens and a limited number of Profit-share only Tokens to investors, family offices and corporate brands. 80% of this revenue is distributed to qualifying athletes based on our performance index algorithm and the balance is distributed to the Founding Investors (which include key Athlete Ambassadors) and Partners.


directly Brace yourself for an unprecedented era of fan engagement and immersive digital experiences where performance, fandom and investment in athletes converge, while championing a more positive future for humanity.