African Hockey Road to Paris: South African claims Olympic qualification 

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Hockey – Mens, Hockey – Womens, Paris 2024, South Africa

Photo credit: ES Media

After an exhilarating week of hockey, both South Africa’s Men’s and Women’s teams have triumphantly secured their spots at next year’s Olympics in Paris.

South African Women’s Team

The South African Women’s hockey team embarked on their journey to Olympic qualification by overpowering Zimbabwe 10-0 in their opening game. Their exceptional teamwork continued as they defeated Nigeria 4-0 in the following match, setting the stage for a promising campaign.

In the semi-final clash against Ghana, the South African Women showcased their skills with a commanding 7-0 victory, securing their spot in the final. Facing Nigeria once again, the women displayed remarkable finesse and determination, overwhelming their opponents with an outstanding 9-0 triumph, cementing their place in next year’s Olympics in Paris.

After the decisive win, Quanita Bobbs was ecstatic after her crucial performance, which played a pivotal role in South Africa’s victory and their subsequent qualification for the Olympics.

“It means everything to have the ticket to Paris, this is what the girls set out to do and we got the job done today,” said Bobbs.

Photo credit: ES Media 

South African Men’s Team

In their quest for Olympic qualification, the South African Men’s hockey team showcased their prowess by defeating Zimbabwe 10-0 in their opening game. Continuing their impressive form, they outclassed Nigeria 8-2 in their second match. The momentum only grew stronger as they overwhelmed Uganda with a staggering 11-0 victory in their final group-stage clash.

Advancing to the semi-final, South Africa faced Ghana and demonstrated their dominance with a resounding 7-0 win, propelling them into the much-anticipated final. In a thrilling showdown against Egypt, the South African Men’s team emerged victorious, securing a late 2-1 win and sealing their spot in the Olympics.

Ryan Julius emerged as the hero for the Men’s team, scoring a late winner in the final match to secure their qualification.

“I can hardly remember the moment, but it’s definitely the greatest in a qualifier for me. I was in the right place at the right time and I couldn’t be happier. It was a sensational moment in front of a sensational crowd!” said Julius, on his match-winner.

Photo credit: ES Media 

Both teams’ remarkable performances not only showcase their talent but also exemplify the spirit of sportsmanship, inspiring fans across the nation.

To achieve their Olympic dreams, South African Hockey relies on the unwavering support of their fans. By offering sponsorships, making donations, or providing any other form of assistance, fans can contribute significantly to sustaining the team’s excellence on the global stage. Together, we can fuel their passion and propel them towards success on the global stage.


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